Course Category: Teaching Viewpoint Diversity

Understanding Intellectual Charity

TEACHING HISTORICAL REASONING | COURSE 3 Introduction Welcome to Understanding Intellectual Charity, the second course in the BRI's online program, Teaching Viewpoint Diversity! One of the challenges when teaching viewpoint diversity is when we encounter arguments and points of view that challenge our own. Watch any cable news show these days, and you’ll eventually see [...]

Identifying Viewpoint Diversity

Introduction There is a multitude of ways to look at an issue. We all come to a discussion with a point of view, and all of our experiences contribute to the way we see and think about things in the present, just as actors of the past held differing points of view on events of [...]

Selecting Resources for Viewpoint Diversity

TEACHING VIEWPOINT DIVERSITY|  COURSE 3 Introduction As teachers, we understand that our lessons are often only as good as the resources and materials we are able to use to meet the learning goals. When ensuring we have addressed viewpoint diversity in the classroom, the selection of materials becomes more important than ever. We’ve practiced identifying [...]

Viewpoints in Classroom Discussion

TEACHING VIEWPOINT DIVERSITY|  COURSE 3 Introduction Welcome to the fourth and final course in ourTeaching Viewpoint Diversity Badge! Learning Objectives Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: Compare dialogue, discussion, and debate, and explain the purpose of each in the classroom Explore ways to structure conversations around diverse sources and different perspectives [...]