Socratic Practicum

Socratic Practicum

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Course title: Socratic Practicum


Welcome to Socratic Practicum , the fifth and final course in BRI’s online program, Introduction to Socratic Pedagogy!

In this course, you will review different ways to evaluate student learning in a Socratic seminar. In a discussion session, you will reflect on the purposes of each mode of evaluation. After investigating methods of assessment for pre-, post-, and during the seminar, you will create an assessment plan for a seminar of your own. You will also prepare for and implement a practice seminar with students or colleagues. You will review your role as a facilitator fo the seminar, evaluate the qualities of a successful seminar, and create a plan for implementing a seminar. Following the practice seminar, you will reflect on the seminar to make adjustments and plan for the final Demonstration of Mastery.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate methods of assessing student learning in a Socratic seminar.
  • Create a plan to assess student learning in a Socratic seminar.
  • Examine the role of teacher as facilitator in preparation for a practice seminar.
  • Evaluate and reflect on seminar examples.
  • Create and share a plan for practice.
  • Evaluate your practice seminar and create next steps for a successful seminar.