Let’s Reflect

Reflect on the previous reading assignment by responding to one of the following prompts:

  • Which passage or quote most resonates with you and why?
  • In the reading, the author argues that “to engage in historical analysis and interpretation,” you should be able to do the following skills. Which of these do you anticipate being the most significant challenge to instill in your classroom? What steps could you take to address this challenge?
    1. Identify the author or source of a piece of evidence and assess its credibility
    2. Understand that multiple perspectives of the past are possible and compare and contrast different sets of ideas, values, personalities, behaviors, and institutions
      analyze “cause-and-effect relationships,” understanding that many events probably have multiple causes
    3. Understand that all historical interpretations are tentative and that they might be revised with the discovery of new evidence or by thinking about the problem in a new way
    4. Differentiate between historical facts and historical interpretations
    5. Evaluate major debates among historians and come to your own conclusions about them
    6. Think about how events in the past may be shaping our present

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