The President as Enforcer of the Law Module Overview

Module Description

In this module, you will examine the development of the Chief Executive role over time and analyze how the change in the American people’s expectations of the government have expanded or decreased their expectations of the responsibilities and powers of the president.  You will analyze President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s actions during the Little Rock Crisis as an example of the responsibilities of the president as Chief Executive and assess his decision to use military force.  Following the activities from the lesson on President Eisenhower and the Little Rock Crisis, you will review additional lesson plans to assess presidential action in relation to their Constitutional role as Chief Executive.  

As you work through the module, consider how each activity, reading, and the lesson as a whole help incorporate constitutional principles and virtues for an education for self-governance.  

Throughout this module you will complete quizzes and other checks to assess your basic understanding of key terms and concepts developed throughout the module. At the end of this module you will complete reflection questions that will assess your internalization of the content and its transferability to the classroom.