Frequently Asked Questions: 

How will credit be awarded for these courses? 

All courses will be graded at the close of the semester. The deadlines for course completion are May 20th for the Spring semester and December 20th for the fall semester. Teachers will be awarded digital badges through the BRI website and will be given a transferable badge through the Accredible platform. The Institute does not offer CEU or college credit for these courses. Educators must submit records on their own to their school or district for credit. 


Do courses need to be completed in specific order? 

No! Courses can be completed in any order you choose during the enrollment period. Educators have total control over what modules want to take (or skip!). 


What is the difference between a Course and a Module? 

Modules are the building blocks of courses and contain the specific lessons and activities that ladder up to the comprehensive course. Educators will enroll in each module individually. 


Are there more courses coming? 

Yes! We have a few more courses in our pipeline but we are always glad to have additional suggestions for future courses from educators. If you have a suggestion for a course to add to our catalog, please email us at 


Who do I have further question or if I need assistance enrolling?  


Please contact us at! We look forward to answering your questions and helping you explore our eLearning platform.