[Reflection] On Liberty, Equality, Story and Skills

In this assessment, you will reflect on BRI’s vision and your own teachings. Below is an organizer of the four main parts of our vision statement. Fill out the organizer by 1) defining each word in your own words, 2) providing an example of how you incorporate it into your teaching, and 3) reflecting on an area of growth associated with it. Click here to create a copy of the chart below. You can record your answers in writing, video, or another representation of your thinking.

Rember to save your work because, in the culminating activity for this course, you will create an informational slide deck that could be used to explain BRI and our approach to civic education to new teachers. The work completed in this module and in the “Bringing Our Why to Teachers” lesson can be used in the final slide deck.


Vision Statement

The Bill of Rights Institute seeks an America where we more perfectly realize the promise of liberty and equality expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

This calls for civic education that helps students examine the story of our country and exercise the skills of citizenship.