Introduction to Socratic Pedagogy

Introduction to Socratic Pedagogy In this online, self-paced course, you will learn the importance and elements of socratic education throughout 6 modules. The following provides a summary of these modules. 1. Why Socratic Education? In this module, you will explore how Socratic education can enliven dialogue, foster a culture of learning in the classroom, develop […]

My Impact Challenge

The purpose of this MyImpact Challenge course is two-fold: To provide students with an in-depth exploration of the three pillars of citizenship: (1) Government, (2) Charity, and (3) Entrepreneurship. To empower students to develop a project that will positively impact their community, and then implement their project and present their impact to community leaders, if […]

Liberty and Security in Modern Times

Using primary source documents, writing assignments, discussion prompts and other activities, students will explore the difficult questions and natural tensions that go along with balancing liberty with security.  This curriculum focuses on the balance between liberty and security in the last 60 years.

Being an American

Through primary source analysis, writing assignments, discussion prompts, and other activities, students will “connect the dots” by focusing on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civic values, American heroes, and exploring the meaning of citizenship to them.

Preserving the Bill of Rights

Preserving the Bill of Rights teaches students Constitutional principles by examining primary source documents and significant Supreme Court cases. In addition, each unit features expanded classroom activities engaging students with the Bill of Rights and the responsibilities of citizenship. Students will understand the connection between current events and the Bill of Rights when they participate […]

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