Bill of Rights Institute’s Master Teacher

Bill of Rights Institute’s Master Teacher

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Bill of Rights Institute’s Master Teacher  |  COURSE


The Bill of Rights Institute’s Master Teacher badge consists of five online modules that explore the mission, vision, pedagogy, and promise of the Bill of Rights Institute. This information prepares you to become a BRI Master Teacher who teaches civics and helps their students examine the story of our country and exercise the skills of citizenship. Click the thumbnails below to learn more about the course.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Reflect on BRI’s mission and how being a Master Teacher would further our mission and your professional practice.

Analyze how BRI resources and our approaches in pedagogy support the promise of liberty and equality as expressed in the

        Declaration of Independence.

Deconstruct a BRI resource independently and reflect on ways students can learn about principles and virtues beyond their classroom.

Identify BRI resources that support each point of the BRI promise.

Synthesize the work you have completed throughout this course into a final slide deck to be shared with your colleagues and learning


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