Practicum Plan

Module 4 Overview

Welcome to Module 4, Practicum Plan. As we’ve mentioned before, practicing a new skill can help lead to a greater chance of success in the classroom. Practicing your role as a facilitator of a seminar will help you prepare and develop expectations for launching a seminar with your students. Before we jump into a full and formal student seminar, let’s plan and implement a practice seminar.

The content in this module will help you achieve the following learning objective in this course:

Create and share a plan for practice.

Evaluate your practice seminar and create next steps for a successful seminar.


Use the outline below to access the content for this module, and click the Mark Complete  button at the bottom of each page to progress to the next step. You’ll automatically return to this page once you’ve achieved 100% of the steps for the module. At that point, please mark this page complete to signify that your work is ready for review.